Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett

Saturday, May 11, 2019
     I somehow found this book when looking for a different one on Book Outlet, and I'm not sad about it. While reading the book, I was thown into many feelings - guilt, love, betrayal, anger - on behalf of the character. Those kind of books are the best kinds to read. They make you experience the character on a whole other level. For that, I thank Jenn Bennett.
     Starry Eyes may seem like one of those best-friends-turned-enemies-turned-lovers books, but it is also so much more. It's a story about Zorie and Lennon. They used to be best friends before one day Lennon just stops talking to her. Zorie doesn't know why, and frankly she doesn't feel like being one of those girls who chases after a guy. So, instead, they stay away from eachother. Until, their 'friends' invite them on a glamping trip. Zorie, not knowing Lennon is going, agrees. Not without hesitation, of course. When she finds out Lennon is going, she plans to just stay away. Obviously he hasn't put in any effort, so why should she?  Of course, it doesn't turn out that way. Instead, they slowly start talking.
     When the group gets kicked out of the glamping site, they decide to start outdoor camping earlier then planned. When a huge arguement errupts, Lennon and Zorie are left on their own to survive the wilderness. Are they going to have a breakthrough? Or will they get eaten before then? What happens when old feelings errupt? Add in a few bears, lightening, and snakes and you have one hell of a story.
     The fact that the girl isn't desperate for the guy makes me like this story better. I feel as though a lot of stories now-a-days are all about the girl chasing after the guy. I love the girl power in this book. It's very refreshing! 9/10.

Of Poseidon by: Anna Banks

Monday, April 22, 2019
     When I got this book from Barnes & Noble, I was terribly intrigued. The cover was amazing! The book was just by itself on a shelf and I couldn't help but reach for it. There was absolutely NO way I could not share it with you guys!
     This book's protagonist is Emma McIntosh. Emma and her best friend Chloe go to the beach during break and she bumps, literally, into Galen. Galen is the prince of Syrena. He believes Emma is Poseidon's daughter (cue the title) and he starts to get to know her. Of course, what what a story be without a little romance! He falls for her, but feels unable to express his feelings because she is meant to be with his brother because of a vow his brother made. Then, she realized that she likes him, too. Throw in some bad guys and underwater tricks and this book is complete!
     It is a great book and I give is 8.5/10. This book has both characters point of view every other chapter so that you get the full effect and all the feels. I recommend!

Existence by: Abbi Glines

Sunday, March 31, 2019
     I believe I first saw this book recommended on Youtube, but I can't say for sure. However, I'm glad I took the advice to read it!
     Existence is about a girl who cheated death...and fell in love with him along the way. Pagan Moore has been able to see ghosts all her life, but has hid it from everyone for good reason. She has learned that if you don't pay attention to them, they'll just leave. The one's she has tried to communicate with, haven't said a word. So imagine her surprise when one does. Of course, she wants answers, but will he give her any? What does he say when he shows up in school as a real person to tease her? Do we even want to know the consequences of death breaking hell raising rules? Read to find out!
     I give this book 7/10. It was hard to comprehend in some parts, but that might be just me.

After by Anna Todd

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
     This book has given me so many feelings that I don't even know where to start. Tessa is a girl starting college after having a sheltered life. She meets her roomate, Steph, and her mother instantly disaproves. Steph introduces her to badboy player Hardin Scott. He is everything you'd expect from a typical badboy - tattoos, a lip ring, and not to mention british accent that makes you want to curl your toes. He's also super rude, but his hotness overrules that...kind of.
     Tessa is intrigued, even though she knows she shouldn't be. He's the kind of guy her mother warned her about and has kept her from all these years. Not to mention the fact that she has a boyfriend, Noah. Noah's a year behind her and a softie with a sweater and khakis. The kind of guy her mother wants her to date.
     She knows she should stay away from Hardin, but she can't seem to. He draws her in. Just like this book'll draw you in from the minute you start reading it.
     I give this book 9/10 stars. I can't wait for the movie that's coming out on April 12th. Fun fact: this book was originally written as an One Direction fan fiction on wattpad.

Switched By: Amanda Hocking

     First off, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this book yet. Let me start with a little bit of backstory: I used to despise reading. I know, I know. It's hard to believe considering how into reading I am. My mom, being the reading specialist she is, would bring home books from the library trying to get my head into a book. She would PAY me to read!! She would bring home mostly fictional books that I thought were childish. I was, no, am extremely picky. Then, one day, she brought home a book that a librarian recommended called "Switched". I was already intrigued by the cover. It was a blood red cover with a girl sitting in a field of flowers and the shadow of a castle in the background. I remember sitting on the bed in our guest bedroom opening the book and starting to read it. The first words I read were "When I was eleven, my mother was convinced I was a monster and tried to kill me." I was already in love. It was suspenseful and beautifully written. Of course, I finished it in two days and asked my mom to get the rest of the series, 'Torn' and 'Ascend'. That was when my journey into other worlds started....metaphorically speaking, of course.
    This book doesn't have as big of a fan base as Divergent or even After (review coming soon), but it should be known by everyone. It's about a girl names Wendy who's mother tried to kill her on Wendy's eleventh birthday because she thinks Wendy is a devil that took her son's place after she gave birth. A lot of info, I know. Thankfully, her brother, Will, got to their mom and grabbed the knife before any severe harm was done. After that, Will and Wendy lived with their aunt. They moved from place to place because Wendy kept getting expelled for bad behavior. When Wendy starts at a new school, she meets a guy that stares at her constantly. His name is Finn. He starts introducing her to a whole new world she never would have imagined existed.
     I definitely request this book. It's magnificent! It got past my 13 year old stubborn self, so I give it a LOT of credit. 10/10 stars!

Busted by Gina Ciocca

Friday, June 22, 2018
Busted is a book about Marisa, a high school girl who accidently finds her best friends boyfriend cheating on her. When her childhood frenemy, Kendall, finds out and asks Marisa to help spy on her boyfriend, TJ, she isn’t given the chance to say no. Marisa starts to befriend TJ to see if anything suspicious is going on with him. Other than him meeting up with someone in a car for not even ten minutes every now and then, he just seems withdrawn from Kendall.
When Lily’s best friend gets in trouble for something she didn’t do, Marisa starts working to figure out who really did it. Between helping her childhood frenemy and her best friend, she thought she had enough on her plate. But then, she starts falling for TJ and things spiral out of control!

This book was fairly good. The only thing is that I was frustrated at the ending. It felt like there wasn’t enough closure considering some things were left in the dark. They weren't major events, just some things I wished Gina would elaborate on. 
I give this book four stars. The characters felt realistic and fun. It was an enjoyable read.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

Monday, June 18, 2018
To All The Boys I've Loved Before is a story about a sixteen year old girl named Lara Jean who keeps her love letters in an old hatbox her mother gave her. The letters get mysteriously sent out after a fight with her sister. One of the boys is her sister's ex-boyfriend and next door neighbor, Josh. In order to convince him she's over him, she starts 'dating' Peter Kavinsky. Peter is one of the hottest guys at her school. He recently broke up with Genevieve, Lara's childhood best friend and they make an agreement to 'date' eachother for a few weeks. When Peter and Lara start to fall for eachother will they end up being a real couple? What will happen when Josh confesses his own attraction towards Lara? What will her sister say when she comes home from college for Christmas?

I'll admit that the main reason I read this book was to get ready for the movie coming out this fall. I had mixed expectations about it at first, but it was a great story. Jenny Han did well with introducing the characters. I hoped there would be more 'sparks' between Lara and Peter as the story progressed, but it was still good. I give the story four and a half stars.

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